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About the Region

Colmar is the capital of central Alsace, situated near Germany and Switzerland between the Vosges and the Rhine, Strasbourg and Mulhouse, the town offers visitors an exciting glimpse of 1000 years of European history.

Besides, with its 67,000 inhabitants, Colmar retains a 'country town' atmosphere which contributes so much to its charm. Wonderfully preserved from the ravages of time, its homogeneous historical center is classed as a 'protected area' and has benefited from careful restoration and ongoing improvements for more than 20 years. Colmar undoubtedly remains an exceptional town due to the wealth and variety of its historical and architectural heritage.

The city also lives up to its reputation as a gastrnomical center, offering fine wines and great vintages, delicate and flavorsome culinary specialties perfected by great chefs, including a few classics such as foie gras, baeckaoffe, sauerkraut and Munster cheese.

«Little Venice» is the name given to the course of the Lauch in Colmar. This name probably came from the original line of the houses on both sides of the river, which serves the southeast of the city. This district starts behind the Koïfhus, goes through the fishmonger's district and to the bridges Turenne and Saint-Pierre. It is therefore at the beginning of the Krutenau, whose etymology refers to places of market gardening on the outskirts of the towns. Originally inhabited by a rural community of wine-producers, market gardeners and boatmen, the Krutenau stretches out around the Turenne Street that the marshal took in 1674 for his triumphant entry in the city. Boat rides are possible there.

The city is renowned for its well preserved old town, its numerous architectural landmarks and its museums, among which is the Unterlinden Museum (officially Musée d'Unterlinden, also cited in English as Musée Unterlinden). The museum, housed in a 13th-century Dominican religious sisters' convent, is home to the Isenheim Altarpiece by Matthias Grünewald and features a large collection of local and international artworks and manufactured artifacts from prehistorical to contemporary times. 

With 200,000 visitors each year, the Musée Unterlinden ranks second in attendance among regional fine art museums in France. The museum’s modern art collection includes works by major artists, such as Monet, Guillaumin, Bonnard and Delaunay. Although it is especially strong in artists representing movements in abstract art after the Second World War (Magnelli, Poliakoff, Soulages, Bram van Velde, Vieira da Silva), the collection also features figurative works by artists such as Dubuffet and Picasso.

Colmar has a sunny microclimate and is the one of the driest cities in France, making it ideal for Alsace wine.

The town is situated along the Alsatian Wine Route and considers itself to be the "capital of Alsatian wine" (capitale des vins d'Alsace). It is cheery, good-natured, lively, and breathtakingly beautiful - it's well worth taking a discovery stroll through Colmar!

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